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July 24, 2016
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You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars showing your artisans that you appreciate what they do. You can make them feel valued and important using some simple ideas. Artisans are like other employees. They perform well when employers appreciate them. Nobody wants to work for an employer who never appreciates or make them feel valued. You could show you value their efforts with a few Wicked tickets in New York at the Gershwin Theater.

However, other ways of showing your appreciation are as follows:

Conducting intentional conversations everyday

Not every person who works for you is irreplaceable. Some of your clients keep bringing more business because of the connection they have with some of the artisans. The moment you sack those employees, the clients will be gone. Therefore, make the artisans feel valued by conversing with them using everyday lingo. Avoid being too formal every time you wish to speak with the workers. Appreciate the last project they worked on while assigning a new one to them.

Let them know that they are needed

Taking your artist friends to a nice broadway show is a great way to show support and feed their artistic desire.

Taking your artist friends to a nice broadway show is a great way to show support and feed their artistic desire.

Nothing inspires your artisans more than the knowledge that they are needed. They should not imagine it. They should not think it. They should know and hear you saying it. More importantly, it should come from their colleagues too. Therefore, train and encourage everybody to appreciate each other. Let all your artisans know that they need each other. Encourage them to meet and socialize outside the workplace.

Encourage customers to appreciate each artisan that does a wonderful job for them. Don’t take and hoard all the praise to yourself. When a customer gives positive feedback, call the artisan who handles his order to come and hear, read or see it. This way, the artisan knows that you don’t over-praise them. They know that their hard work is not going unnoticed. The result of this is your artisans will not hesitate to do more by offering more than 100 percent.

Challenge them

Challenging your artisans is a great way of motivating them to do more. You can do this by taking your artisans out of their comfort zones. Assign them duties and projects they have never done before. Show that you are ready to trust them with more. Repetitive projects keep the artisans at the same place, thus making it hard for them to grow and improve their skills. Let your artisans know that they have your full confidence to do a splendid job for customers.

Be careful not to give an artisan more than he can chew. Some of them respond better when you doing tasks they are comfortable with. Find out what each artisan is great at and assign tasks accordingly. Get a few artisans to train the new recruits. This shows the artisans that you have complete trust in their abilities and talents, thus willing to see the same in new employees. Your artisans will benefit from this and so will you.

Therefore, don’t be afraid of starting small. Give them Wicked Tickets in New York at the Gershwin Theatre (you can go here to buy tickets) as a way of showing them that you appreciate their work. Your business will never be the same again as you motivate your artisans using these strategies. Clients will also benefit as they keep receiving well-crafted work. You will have less to complain about, thus creating the best atmosphere for your business to grow. Within no time, you will probably be expanding to other places too.

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