Floral/Nature Crafts/Garden Art

how-to-transform-cast-off-glass-containers-pottery-with-a-tuscan-heirloom-look-crafts-how-to-repurposing-upcyclingArtist: Joy Cunny
Business: The Glass Junky
Art: Repurposing glass and pottery pieces
Products: Sculptures for homes and gardens, plate flowers

Email: mzjoyjoy@hotmail.com
Facebook: The Glass Junkie
Phone: 517-448-8292

Artist Statement: What began as a hobby has become a passion. It gives me tremendous joy creating one-of a kind art out of found objects. Each piece is named to reflect it’s personality, giving you a glimpse into my personality!


Artist: Joan Hutchinson
Business: Fairview Studios
Art: Medicine wheels, spirit shields, seasonal totems, meditation and chakra wheels, rattles, Archetypal characters, prayer arrows, talking sticks, ceremonial fans, five types of smudge.

Email: joanhutchinsona2@gmail.com
Website: www.affeathermations.com
Phone: 734-665-0538

My work invites your connection to nature’s inner energies — and your own limitless possibilities.


Artist: Mike McLain
Mike HoneyDo
Art: Hypertufa
Patio tables and flower/plant pots

Email: mrmclain@modempool.com
Phone: 517-414-3836