There is no doubt that the retro-styled furniture is back and probably here to stay. Well, in the next few years, it might not be as trendy as it is today, but this does not take away from the fact that it will keep making fresh reappearances from time to time. Børge Mogensen Sofa – for those with a keen eye for details – is one of the most stylish and hip of all types of retro furniture. Retro is not limited to the old. Retro has a futuristic outlook too. Here is why Børge Mogensen Sofa is one of the most in-demand retro-styled items of furniture today.

Transcends Time

First, it transcends time. It is not beholden or limited to a specific year, generation or period. Børge Mogensen Sofa is just as popular today as it was when it entered the market tens of years ago. The taste retro furniture lovers have for Børge Mogensen Sofa is just as solid and unshaken as it was many 20-30 years ago. A good modern furniture maker can customize the sofa and give them a contemporary look that fits in nicely with the theme in your home or office. Yes, these types of sofas look good in offices and homes alike.

Creates Authentic Style

The authenticity of the sofa is unquestionable. When you buy and bring the sofa into your home or office, what you get is an authentic style that stands out from everything else. Some makers have a way of producing the sofa with a retro look. What you have to realize is that the idea behind Børge Mogensen Sofa is not to make you feel nostalgic about the past. The sofa is for the here and now. It is for the present. The sofa has a bit of a playful touch to it concerning its style, the patterns (or lack thereof) and structure.

Diverse Colors

Some types of Børge Mogensen Sofa have psychedelic patterns. The splashes of color on the sofa are more mainstream. Depending on your needs and preferences, there is nothing wrong in choosing a sofa that lacks a bit of the sleek quality that has become its hallmark. Today, it no longer considered an unforgivable mistake to make the sofa bulkier and chunkier. There is plenty of leeway in terms of colors you can choose for this retro sofa. Some of the colors that dominate the palettes found on the sofa plus the accompanying décor include the following:

  1. Earthy brown
  2. Orange
  3. Harvest gold
  4. Avocado green

Therefore, spare some money to buy the Børge Mogensen Sofa. This decision will remain one of the best you ever make for the rest of your life. Feel free to make the sofa as plain, patterned or as colorful as you desire. Use the sofa to transform your home or office by giving it a retro look that demands and captures attention. Based on this information, there is no doubt that Børge Mogensen Sofa qualifies to be listed a retro-style piece of furniture that is ideal for transforming spaces.

No artisan should hope to see his business grow and expand without applying the best marketing strategies. Today, all businesses have to identify strategies that help them enjoy more advantage over their competition. SEO is just but one of them. All artisans have to embrace SEO, especially when they want to market their businesses online. Fortunately, this isn’t an impossible task. The best strategies you should apply in marketing your artisan business include the following:

Fixing the Foundations

Setting the foundations is all to do with having clear values. Clarity of values is only the first point. Next, you have to focus on creating a brand that your customers have no problem identifying with. Make the brand recognizable. Be clear on the things you want customers to associate with your artisanship. What do you want them to know your business for? What should customers think of first when they hear or read about your business?

Tune up Marketing Endeavors

Tuning the marketing efforts up is a way of preparing the ground for better results to follow your business. Some of the measures you ought to take include finding ways of generating new leads from the website. The social media is a vibrant place that offers you fantastic platforms for generating new leads too. Don’t ignore offline endeavors that bring in new leads, which you can then convert later. Entice and retain new prospects. Build trust with your customers.

Improve Conversion Rates

Improving the conversion rate is crucial in running an online business successfully. This starts with the creation of outstanding quotes. Artisans must be deliberate with all the strategies they put in place to convert more prospects into customers. Turning a prospect into a customer shouldn’t be your ultimate goal. The primary purpose should be increasing the number of your business’ loyal and repeat customers. Higher conversion rates lead to profits.

Turning Customers into Fans

Customers can walk away. Fans remain loyal forever. Do you remember the musician whose songs you were a fan of while growing up? Chances are you still listening to the musician’s songs, and you never stopped being his fan. As an artisan, you ought to move away from having customers to retaining as many fans as possible. Find ways of making the customers love you. Fans give you repeat business. Fans help you to grow the business.

Develop a Dream Team

The US basketball team is known as the Dream Team because it’s a constellation of NBA stars who keep winning the Olympics gold medal. Create your dream team. Check that the team you’re nurturing is not only happy but also productive. Focus on creating and building fruitful relationships and partnerships with your dream team. Introduce the right systems to not only save time but also increase productivity. Don’t forget to improve your own:

  • Happiness
  • Lifestyle
  • Future

It might be hard for you to thrive on marketing your skills as an artisan. After all, the industry is just as competitive as others. In such situations, you need the assistance of somebody who has the training and experience required to market the business in traditional and contemporary platforms today. Therefore, turn to experts such as Tulsa Marketing and seek their help in marketing your artisan business.

Artisan Wedding Bands

It’s harder choosing men’s wedding rings than it is buying engagement rings. Choosing a wedding ring for your woman is a much simpler task. As long as you prepare adequately, the task might not be as complicated as you think. What you have to do is to avoid feeling confused. You can do that by learning everything that you can about the wedding rings for men. The knowledge you have of the rings helps you in making smart choices.

Therefore, what should an artisan focus on while looking for the rings?

Choose between traditional and modern rings

First, he needs to decide between buying traditional and modern or contemporary types of rings. The modern models are unconventional. Therefore, you have to determine whether they are a good fit for you. Feel free to look at rings that lack special sheens and adornments if you prefer plain bands. Choose rings fitted with customary metals that include platinum, silver, white or yellow gold. Other materials worth considering include ceramic, tungsten and titanium.

Pick a ring based on its durability

Next, your focus ought to be on the rings’ effectiveness at resisting the effects of wear and tear. An artisan does plenty of hard work with his hands.   The ring you buy, therefore, should be capable of withstanding heavy work with the hands. Purchase a ring that’s able to withstand some harsh condition. Buy durable rings that are easy to maintain. Gold and platinum might be popular metals, but their main disadvantage is the ease at which anything can scratch them.

Choose a ring based on your budget

Prepare a good budget for the upcoming wedding. The budget should also include money set aside to buy wedding rings. You can never ignore the cost of buying wedding rings. An excellent wedding ring for men costs around $600. You can find some that cost $100. The high-end rings, however, cost thousands of dollars. The cost often depends on the preferred metal and style of the rings you wish to buy. A ring that has more decorative details tends to cost more. Therefore, watch out for this too.

Choose a ring based on comfort

Don’t ignore comfort when choosing your preferred wedding ring. A good ring is comfortable to wear. The ring ought to be appropriate for your lifestyle as a professional artisan. It should be the ideal ring based on your personality. The ring should complement who you are as a person. It should fit in with your style. Comfort also involves choosing the right material. Remember, you will be wearing the ring for the rest of your life; hence, the need for taking quality time to choose the correct one.

Finally, ask experts for advice on men’s wedding rings. Visit the local jewelry stores to collect a few ideas worth using when choosing your preferred ring. It’s alright to pick a ring that matches the one the bride intends to wear. You may also want to think about the need for including gemstones on the ring. A choice of the ring depends on the style or design you want to display on it. For these reasons, do not hesitate following the guideline and tips mentioned here when choosing the best wedding rings for men.

Support Broadway and Off-Broadway Artisans

Posted on August 11, 2016

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars showing your artisans that you appreciate what they do. You can make them feel valued and important using some simple ideas. Artisans are like other employees. They perform well when employers appreciate them. Nobody wants to work for an employer who never appreciates or make them feel valued. You could show you value their efforts with a few Wicked tickets in New York at the Gershwin Theater.

However, other ways of showing your appreciation are as follows:

Conducting intentional conversations everyday

Not every person who works for you is irreplaceable. Some of your clients keep bringing more business because of the connection they have with some of the artisans. The moment you sack those employees, the clients will be gone. Therefore, make the artisans feel valued by conversing with them using everyday lingo. Avoid being too formal every time you wish to speak with the workers. Appreciate the last project they worked on while assigning a new one to them.

Let them know that they are needed

Taking your artist friends to a nice broadway show is a great way to show support and feed their artistic desire.

Taking your artist friends to a nice broadway show is a great way to show support and feed their artistic desire.

Nothing inspires your artisans more than the knowledge that they are needed. They should not imagine it. They should not think it. They should know and hear you saying it. More importantly, it should come from their colleagues too. Therefore, train and encourage everybody to appreciate each other. Let all your artisans know that they need each other. Encourage them to meet and socialize outside the workplace.

Encourage customers to appreciate each artisan that does a wonderful job for them. Don’t take and hoard all the praise to yourself. When a customer gives positive feedback, call the artisan who handles his order to come and hear, read or see it. This way, the artisan knows that you don’t over-praise them. They know that their hard work is not going unnoticed. The result of this is your artisans will not hesitate to do more by offering more than 100 percent.

Challenge them

Challenging your artisans is a great way of motivating them to do more. You can do this by taking your artisans out of their comfort zones. Assign them duties and projects they have never done before. Show that you are ready to trust them with more. Repetitive projects keep the artisans at the same place, thus making it hard for them to grow and improve their skills. Let your artisans know that they have your full confidence to do a splendid job for customers.

Be careful not to give an artisan more than he can chew. Some of them respond better when you doing tasks they are comfortable with. Find out what each artisan is great at and assign tasks accordingly. Get a few artisans to train the new recruits. This shows the artisans that you have complete trust in their abilities and talents, thus willing to see the same in new employees. Your artisans will benefit from this and so will you.

Therefore, don’t be afraid of starting small. Give them Wicked Tickets in New York at the Gershwin Theatre (you can go here to buy tickets) as a way of showing them that you appreciate their work. Your business will never be the same again as you motivate your artisans using these strategies. Clients will also benefit as they keep receiving well-crafted work. You will have less to complain about, thus creating the best atmosphere for your business to grow. Within no time, you will probably be expanding to other places too.

For a taste of what you’ll see when you get tickets for Wicked the Musical, see here:

All websites need general and regular maintenance. Websites need as many tune-ups as are possible too. Without these, the websites would not run smoothly. As an artisan, you need to pay more attention to your website. Failure to do this would make your website difficult to use. Visitors would flee upon discovering that the site is not user-friendly. Websites need maintenance. Websites are like cars in that you can’t expect them to work well without any care.

Regular maintenance is necessary to provide the server with all the patches and small tweaks it needs to perform optimally. Most websites are built on popular CMS platforms such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal, which all need updates to remain safe and relevant to users. If the platforms undergo maintenance and updates, your site would be unsafe because it shall lack the new features needed to make it safer and securer.

Therefore, what can an artisan do to take care of his website well?

Artists love design, which makes their website a perfect outlet for their work.

Artists love design, which makes their website a perfect outlet for their work.

  • Proper Maintenance

If you have the admin rights, you will receive regular notifications. Most of the notifications will revolve around the updates that you need to permit on the website. The updates ensure that your website doesn’t stop humming along. The updates ensure that content on your website remain safe. The updates keep the website safe and secure from all manner of spambots and the works of nefarious individuals such as hackers.

  • Occasional Change of the Password

It pays to be safe than sorry. Your website can’t or shouldn’t continue operating with the same password every year for the last decade. At some point, you will have to change the password. Contrary to what you believe, passwords are never 100% safe or secure. Therefore, form a habit of changing the password on a quarterly basis. Don’t give admin access to just about anybody. Give such access to people that you trust only.

  • Invest in Backup Services

Many hosting providers are renowned for offering excellent backup services. If your provider offers these services, don’t hesitate investing in them. Failure to invest some money in backup services could lead to plenty of regrets later. Backup services are helpful in situations where you lose control over your website because of hacking. The services are necessary to protect your website against the likelihood of losing its content.

  • Allow pros to handle all coding or design

The pros are good at what they do. Therefore, leave what you can’t handle to the pros. You can mess up your site while trying to do its coding. You should only handle coding if you’re 100% confident with your skills. Otherwise, you might discover that you’re unable to undo something that you did. Fixing a coding error could cost you thousands of dollars to fix; not forgetting the time wasted and lost opportunities waiting for the solutions.

Additionally, even though artists can be professional painters or designers, they may not be trained in professional website design.  Reach out to trained pros when it comes to your design, since you don’t want your website to come across looking shabby.

In most cases, you should leave maintenance of the website to professionals. Do only the minimum but leave the bulk of the work to professionals. Hiring pros and experts to do the job ensures that you get somebody who is capable of doing it right the first time, thus saving you money and time. Proper, effective and regular maintenance of the website is mandatory. For this reason, you should invest some money in it.



If you’re an artist, your website should follow the mantra of ‘keeping it simple’. Your website should be fast, easy and well organized. It should be user-friendly, especially if you use it for e-commerce. Users should have an easy time navigating through the site. Simple navigation and easy-to-read content brings more traffic to the website before convincing the visitors to keep returning.

For starving artists any exposure is good exposure. SEO can be a great way to get more customers or fans.

For starving artists any exposure is good exposure. SEO can be a great way to get more customers or fans.

A person visiting the website for the first time should be able to know where he is as quickly as possible. The first-time visitor should not have a difficult time trying to identify who you are. The first-time visitor should the kind of art that you offer. Any website that lacks these basics will have a hard time trying to attract more traffic. Consequently, the website won’t bring in the kind of money you expect.

More artists are investing their time, efforts and personal resources on having a presence on social media. Few realize what they are missing by failing to invest in websites. Social media is good, only that it controls what you can or can’t post. Having your own website is a much better option as you have final control over the platform. You can post whatever you feel like. You’re the only one who can change the rules on what to post on your website.

So, what are the most important must-have features on an artist’s website?

  • Domain name

Free web hosting services are not good with an artist. What you think is free is actually not free, but rather lame. Visitors to your website will have to struggle through distracting ads if you opt for the free web hosting services. The hosting site controls about 50% of what appears on your website. Consequently, your art ends up competing with other commercial stuff that don’t benefit you instead of dominating the screen.

  • Say NO to third-party ads on your site

Ads that have nothing to do with your art are not worth displaying on your website. Therefore, keep your website free of third party ads. Click-through ads might bring in a few more dollars in your pocket, but they are not worth the hassle. What you have to know is that ads only distract the people visiting your website. Anything that distracts your visitors will lead to losses. More visitors will avoid your website.

  • Keep the site compatible with the major browsers

Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox are the most common browsers. Your website should be compatible with these browsers. How can you ensure that this is the case? You have to build a website that appears the same whether you open it on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Before making the website public, you should test it on all different browsers first.

  • Build a mobile-friendly website

Today, more people prefer browsing the Internet and opening different websites on their mobile phones. You will lose a lot by building a website that visitors can’t open using their mobile devices. The artwork you display on your website should still look amazing no matter the device used to open or view it. The number of people expected to continue using their mobile devices to open websites is likely to increase. Don’t be left out.  As Tulsa SEO points out, this is also a major component of Google’s algorithm, which could make all the difference when trying to get more fans, followers or customers for your art.

Lastly, find a way of linking the website to all your social media sites. Make it easier for visitors to move between the website and your social media accounts or profiles. The site should make it easy for anybody visiting it to understand what you do. The website is like your own museum. You have to see yourself as the curator of that museum. Therefore, design a website whose content is both easy to navigate through and understand.



If you’re a professional artisan, you can find inspiration from all sorts of materials. In many cases, what others see as waste might be what you need to create a new piece of art. All the same, you have to work in clean surroundings. Oftentimes, the best period for doing a thorough cleaning is Spring. Fortunately, dumpster rentals now provide you with the best tool for all the spring-cleaning that you wish to do.

Why should you rent the dumpster?

  • To prove that you’re responsible for the environment

Spring cleaning is crucial, especially for artists with their equipment and several ongoing projects. Here’s a few tips on how to stay clean and organized with a spring cleaning session.

An artisan has responsibility towards the environment just like everybody else. Clutter is bad for the environment. Clutter is bad for an artisan. Clutter destroys or hampers creativity. Dumpster rentals are an excellent option for any person who wants to be responsible and find inspiration for more creative ideas. The dumpster offers the artisan the chance to keep his surroundings clean by getting rid of all clutter.

  • Spacious enough for disposing all wastes

An artisan’s job often involves working with different types of materials. Therefore, the artisan can produce plenty of wastes. Renting a dumpster would be an amazing idea in such situations. This is because the dumpster has plenty of space for all types of wastes. The artisan can dispose waste materials such as insulation tapes, regular household trash, sheet rocks, furniture, metal, roofing items and wood into the dumpster, thus making his space cleaner for more inspiration.

  • Comes in various sizes

You’re free to choose the dumpster that best meets your needs. You can look through different sizes to determine your best option. If you have a few waste materials to dispose, a smaller dumpster would be fine. If you want to dispose huge volumes of waste materials, then it would be a great idea to rent a bigger dumpster. Furthermore, you can rent the right size depending on how long you wish to dispose stuff in the dumpster before the removal company comes for it.

  • Incorporates the whole team

The whole team is likely to contribute to cleaning the property once they see the dumpster in place. However, you would have to find creative ways of inspiring the team to take part. (If you need more assistance or information, call experts such as rhode island dumpster rental.) Look for days when all members of the team are free. Give each member a designated area to clean. Do the work while listening to some music. Alternatively, clean the property while eating some snacks, dinner or specially made lunch.

  • Great for long term cleaning projects

The dumpster is the ideal tool to use when you need to do the cleaning for several days. If the art studio or gallery had closed for some time only for the artisans to return and find the facility dirty, renting a dumpster would be highly encouraged. The dumpster is a great piece of equipment that takes time to fill with clutter and waste products resulting from months of work. Rent the dumpster if you’re not sure how much time the cleaning project is likely to take.

Therefore, the next time you reopen the studio or gallery, you shouldn’t hesitate to call the local company that’s responsible for dumpster rentals. You will not regret making this decision. The dumpster is the go-to piece of equipment to rent when your studio plans to embark on intensive spring-cleaning.

Inspiring artwork

Posted on June 06, 2016

The 2016 season opens on April 3rd! Our Market is filled with a wide variety of inspiring artwork and handmade products, yet intimate enough to be an inviting experience for thoughtful shoppers of all ages! No admission fee. Easy access. Free parking. Spend a few minutes with us – or a few hours. Think of it as an adventure and enjoy “the hunt”!.

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